October 2016

The North Shore and Young Families

Posted on Oct 31, 2016

By Cristina Padres

Last spring, I was having coffee in Lower Lonsdale with a friend. It was a sunny day and we were sitting by a window, watching many baby strollers pass us by. My friend, who doesn’t have any children, pointed out there seemed to be more babies in this area of the North Shore than in others. Even as a new mom and with my baby in to...

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Financing: The crucial step before finding the perfect home

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

The road to homeownership is not always smoothly paved, especially in the Vancouver Real Estate market. One crucial step to lower the stress the journey entails is getting your financing together at the front-end of the process. 

This allows you to know what is the appropriate prince point of homes to be looking at and provides a basis for household...

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Why Is Moving So Stressful?

Posted on Oct 18, 2016

By Cristina Padres

In the past decade, I have moved almost a dozen times. I’ve moved alone, with my husband and two cats, and most recently with my baby son. I’ve had easy moves as well as ugly, complicated ones. The details of each move might be different, but something that remains the same is that the minute a move looms into my future, I get str...

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What to expect in the North Shore Real Estate Market this Fall

Posted on Oct 06, 2016

The supply and demand equation, along with consumer confidence, is always the key to the Vancouver Real Estate market, but what is going on in the North Shore right now? There is good news for buyers as the heated pace of the market has drop off. People are scratching their heads and wondering what will happen to the market, while inventory is cree...

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